Save the Eighth as life is very precious

SIR, — There has never been a more crucial time for unborn children in Ireland.

The issue of the unborn child is not about political parties, it is not about religion or what race or colour one is. It’s about protecting the sanctity of human life at its earliest stages. It’s about our children and our future grandchildren.

There is nothing in this world more precious to us than our mothers who are blessed with our children. We need to protect them both and, if complications and difficulties arise or are present, we need to do all in our ability to support and provide the necessary care and guidance to anyone that finds themselves in such a situation.

Fathers need to step up to the mark. They need to be fully responsible and should above all else protect their partners in this the most special of times with all the difficulties that it may bring. Some would want the law changed for medical reasons, but there is already provision for those who find themselves in difficulty with their pregnancy.

All children are precious. That is why am seeking support for a specialist perinatal centre to be set up and constructed in Northern Ireland to provide the support and care necessary for those in the greatest of difficulties. Land for such a facility has already been sourced in the Lisburn area, which is great news. 

Are our unborn not to be more protected than eagles’ eggs or badgers’ dens as would be the case if the laws of our land are relaxed? 

Some would have us believe that an unborn child is not a life. My advice to people is do not believe or be deceived by this assertion. Premature babies can survive from around 28 weeks. Sadly, some are aborted at this stage and later. 

We need to take into consideration the medical staff who are commissioned to perform this procedure which for them must be totally unimaginable. 

Do you protect these children and help those in difficulties or do you not? It would be a very, very sad world if more people wanted to abort their children, rather than protect them.

I believe that if we provide enough care and support and are doing our jobs properly, alternatives would not even be a consideration or thought. 

If the money spent on this procedure was invested in giving the child and mothers a start in life, rather than ending it, this would be a better thing. 

I would urge people to make themselves aware of what is going on here and not turn a blind eye to it. Know what really happens.

Without going into detail that I would find difficult to describe, give children a right to the life that has been given to them. Laws are changed when good people do nothing.  

I would also commend those in the Republic of Ireland that have taken a stand to save the Eighth amendment of the Constitution of Ireland and pray that it is upheld.  

Yours etc,