Residents were not to blame

SIR, — Last week the media reported on a bonfire in Marian Park which was actually on waste ground adjacent to Marian Park.

Residents are disgusted  at being associated with  abusive behaviour towards emergency services members.

I wish to apologise on behalf of the residents of Marian Park to the emergency services members.

Residents would appeal to authorities to have this ground secured to prevent free access to the site as it is a dark and isolated area and a haven for anti-social behaviour. Youths are coming from other areas to meet there.

I was informed that the person injured at bonfire was from the Ardglass area. This site is very dangerous to young inquisitive children as it has a lot of broken glass; one small child fell and was cut and required stitches a few weeks ago.

Please get this site secured before someone is seriously hurt.

Yours etc,


Marian Park,