Pro life group established

SIR, — We are a recently established pro life group in Downpatrick who are passionate about promoting a genuine pro woman, pro baby and pro life agenda. Our objective is to support any woman, young girl or family who find themselves coping with a crisis pregnancy.

We understand that not every woman’s circumstances are positive and that a crisis pregnancy can be a very frightening, stressful and difficult experience. We offer any woman or family in this situation a non-judgmental, professional and compassionate alternative to abortion.

We work closely with Stanton Health Care – a charitable organisation who provide confidential advice with a trained pregnancy advisor, practical assistance with maternity and baby supplies, financial and housing support, as well as emotional support both during pregnancy and post-birth for as long as is needed or desired by the woman.

We are opposed to the abortion legislation introduced in Northern Ireland in October 2019, which was imposed by the Westminster Government in the absence of a working Stormont Assembly. This legislation will be implemented in March and we aim to work cooperatively with others to have it repealed.

Our goal is to create a better system of health and social care support in Northern Ireland, which will ensure women are provided with compassionate care grounded on dignity and respect and are empowered to make the best choice for themselves and their babies.

We believe that women deserve better than abortion. They deserve a society that cherishes them and acknowledges the intrinsic value of all human life.

We warmly welcome anyone who would like to join our group and we can be followed on our Facebook page – Downpatrick Pro Life Group. We meet monthly in Downpatrick and details of our next meeting/venue can be found on our Facebook page.

If anyone would like advice or support they can contact us confidentially on our Facebook messenger. Alternatively, please contact Stanton Health Care at 028 9033 2882 or email

Yours etc,


Downpatrick Pro 

Life Group chair.