Parking woes at supermarket

SIR, — Various letters have appeared in the Recorder over recent years about people parking on double yellow lines outside the entrance to the Asda store in Downpatrick.

Earlier this year, signs were erected warning drivers not to park directly outside the entrance but the directive is being blatantly ignored by some. 

Indeed, there are some who park their car on the double yellow lines, get out and lock the vehicle before proceeding casually into the store with not a care in the world.

How much longer will the senior management at the store allow this situation to continue?

The parking issue has been highlighted by a number of contributors to your letters’ page and I simply cannot fathom why selfish, irresponsible drivers continue blocking the sight lines of shoppers leaving the store, particularly the elderly and parents with young children.

Drivers must be aware that the presence of double yellow lines means only one thing — no parking. I cannot understand why a seemingly increasing number of people continue to ignore the law. Is it because they are lazy?

That said, I have no problem with drivers stopping their vehicle momentarily to people off at the store entrance, but the parking law now in force is being disregarded.

In my opinion, managers at the store need to flex their muscle and tackle the illegal parking at the main entrance. If anyone parks on a double yellow line at any other part of Downpatrick they will be fined. Why should directly outside the Asda store be any different?

Parked cars cause an obstruction and make it difficult for elderly people coming out of the store pushing trolleys to get a clear view of oncoming traffic as they make their way to their vehicles. Blocked cars also pose a danger to parents leaving the store with young children.

Taxis do stop on the double yellow lines to collect people who have been shopping in the store and I have no issue with this. The taxi drivers only park for a very short period of time before driving away.

It is other drivers who flout the parking restrictions and who never seem to be in a hurry to move off. While some drivers remain behind the wheel as their passengers go shopping, others literally abandon their cars on top of the double yellow lines. 

Why should parking laws apply in Downpatrick town centre, but not outside the Asda store? The issue needs to be addressed before someone is injured.

Yours etc,