No evidence yet to suggest Roundup is threat to health

SIR, — I have read the letters over the last two weeks regarding the use of Roundup/glyphosate with increasing annoyance. While the use of any weedkiller should be used with caution, the hysterical comments by two anonymous writers looks like they have an agenda backed up by pseudoscience.

The WHO have withdrawn their “probably causes cancer” because there is no evidence of causation — yet. As to it being toxic, when fed at high doses to rats, some lived longer. I do not suggest that anyone follows this up personally. 

The world of US civil cases has little to do with UK law. In the US these cases are jury-led and can have huge payouts, particularly for the lawyers. A few years ago talcum powder gave multi-million dollar pay-outs, but now the science shows there is no link.

The GMB union states that employers should follow COSHH regulations and provide suitable protective clothing to workers — sensible advice for anyone.  Not too many dogs have keeled over after walking through treated vegetation but have ruined the lawn when they then walked over it. 

Steam safe? One death and 12 injuries in two years suggests otherwise.

Be sensible, use it only when necessary and replace where possible is suitable advice when using any of these materials.

Yours etc,