Newcastle Twelfth was great success

SIR, — I wish to congratulate the Castlewellan District on the very successful Twelfth of July parade and celebrations in Newcastle last Thursday.

Thousands descended on the picturesque seaside town to witness the very best that the Orange Order had to offer. 

On the eve of the parade, we had the usual chorus of hysteria from Sinn Fein councillor Willie Clarke. Writing in the Irish News, he said Newcastle town centre “doesn’t lend itself to hosting large parades.”

In addition, Cllr Clarke said Newcastle is basically a one-street town and it is predominately a nationalist town, claiming “80 per cent of the community would be unable to go about its business.”

Cllr Clarke went on to say that he had “ lobbied quite hard” on the fact that a lot of people did not want the parade in the town.

Fortunately, these were just idiotic ramblings from a parochial district councillor seeking to please the party faithful. His concerns, as expected, were unfounded.

Newcastle traders reported the day to be a roaring success, with soaring profits, with many praising the influx of people and welcome footfall. 

Indeed, this would have been reciprocated right across Northern Ireland, with hundreds of thousands of participants, spectators, supporters and tourists flocking to see the Twelfth celebrations and various demonstrations. 

Northern Ireland experienced record turn-outs at these events and it is clear that Orangeism has been reenergised and revitalised. 

As usual, Sinn Féin’s political sabre rattling is unfounded and the party’s anti-British and anti-Orange Order agenda exposed.

Is it any wonder the Orange Order leadership refuses to meet them.

Respect and equality is a two-way street. It is high time Sinn Fein learnt some manners.  

Yours etc,