Mrs Siobhan Crothers

ON August 18, Siobhan Crothers suddenly and unexpectedly passed away at the young age of 52 whilst on holiday in France. It was the day of her 33rd wedding anniversary.

Siobhan was born in December of 1964 to John and Teresa McCormick, and even though she was born in Belfast Royal, she was very much a staple of the community of Crossgar. 

She attended school there, first as a primary student at St Joseph’s and then at St Colmcille’s. She married her husband Martin at The Church Of The Immaculate Conception and St Joseph in Crossgar and raised her four children, Peter, Sophie, Ciaran and Imogen there. She lived there all her life, she worked there all her life. 

Crossgar was important to her, and she was important to Crossgar. So it came as a great shock to the community to learn that she had passed, because she knew everyone in Crossgar, and they all knew her. Siobhan was friendly, and she always had time for everyone.

She was larger than life. Always happy, always laughing, always up for the craic, even rolling down a hill in an inflatable bubble with her friend Sinead. 

And even though she was a bit of a home bird, she had travelled a lot, going to Australia, Spain, Memphis and France in the last year alone. And she was talking about going to Amsterdam, Edinburgh and Helsinki for Christmas. 

All the stories her family have heard about her over the last few weeks, and there have been many, have been about how happy she always was, and how she always had a smile on her face. That’s who Siobhan was, happy, loving, friendly, special.

As she passed in France, a small service was performed for her in Montuaroux by Don Martin Bonnassieux on August 20. Her funeral was held in the same church where she was baptised, confirmed and married, The Church Of The Immaculate Conception and St Joseph, on August 31. The Very Rev. Don Kettle officiated. 

In addition to her husband and four children, Siobhan is survived by her brothers John, Declan and Conor, sister-in-law Moira, niece Saoirse, her friend Claire, and countless other aunts, uncles, cousins and friends in the wider community. 

She will be greatly missed.