Mrs. Jo Smyth


MRS. Jo Smyth, who passed away on October 19, was a proud woman who came from the Markets area of Belfast and never forgot her roots.

She met her husband Ned in the Inglis Bakery where they both worked. They married at the tender age of 17and together they had six children — Patrick, Georgie, Hugh, Moira, Lexy and Eddie.

At the beginning of the Troubles they moved to Ardglass and in the years that followed they had many great nights and sing-songs in the pubs in Killough.

Jo was a very talented lady. She liked nothing more than spending an afternoon with friends sewing and making beautiful pieces for her family and friends. She also enjoyed painting and gave many gifts of her beautiful work. She was a creative writer and thinker, and her family were very proud of her.

Jo spent her final years in Newcastle where she was very happy and met lots of close and dear friends. She was a straight talking, down-to-earth lady, who was held in high regard for her advice and support. The many people she helped on their journey through life were a great comfort to her family at the time of her passing.

Her family loved her very much and will miss her in more than words can say.