Litter is blighting our district

SIR, — One of the recurring issues your newspaper continues to highlight is the district’s litter problem.
We regularly read about community clean-ups and beach cleans and the people behind these initiatives deserve praise. These community-spirited individuals clearly have the interests of the district very much at heart. How sad then that those who insist on ping litter do not have the same respect for the area where they live.
I never cease to be amazed by the huge amount of waste people collect which is packed into black bin bags and then disposed of properly.
While we have individuals who organise litter picks and the like, Newry, Mourne and Down Council staff also play a key role helping keep the district clean.
When people drop litter it has to be removed and council staff have to be redeployed to carry out this work. There is also a cost associated with removing litter which has to be met by the district’s hard-pressed ratepayers.
There is not a town or village that has not experienced litter being dropped on the streets or dogs using pavements, sports pitches and amenity areas as open air toilets.
There is a clear need for the wider public to adopt the attitude of those selfless, community-minded people who organise beach cleans and litter picks in their respective areas. Litter is a major issue for many people and the more people clean up after themselves the less of a problem it will be.
Yours etc,
(Name and address supplied).