Inconsiderate parkers

SIR, — Having visited my parents in Downpatrick over the St Patrick’s holiday weekend, I stopped off at the Asda supermarket on Monday afternoon before leaving the town.

I sat in the car in the car park whilst my wife bought some groceries. I observed a steady stream of drivers of all ages park in the disable bays and wander off into the store.

As my father requires a wheelchair due to ill health, I was annoyed, but just to be certain I walked along the front of the parked cars in the disabled bays and not a single car had a disabled badge displayed in the window.

Asda or the car park owner needs to be more proactive in enforcing bad parking by clamping the lazy and inconsiderate drivers, otherwise there is no incentive to stop such drivers stopping in parking bays for the disabled like my father.

Yours etc,



Co Kildare.

(Originally from Downpatrick).