Historic Downpatrick area filthy

SIR, — Can I bring to your attention the disgraceful state of the Grove, off the Mall in Downpatrick, where once John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, is reputed to have prayed with worshippers?

I was walking along the path to the Downpatrick and County Down Railway Museum a few days ago when I could not help but notice the overgrown nature of the area with huge, out of control weeds on both sides of the pathway.

I do not know which organisation is responsible for its upkeep but it is evident that it has been sometime since any maintenance has been carried out. 

Some of the weeds had grown to three or four feet high, making the area look very unkempt.

The pathway is a handy shortcut to the shopping centre and I’m sure many people like to use it but I must say that as a woman of senior years, I did not feel comfortable walking along it — even in the daylight.

I hope that by highlighting this issue in your paper action will be taken by whoever is responsible to tidy up this area of our town which has given people repose in the past.

Yours etc,


(Name and address supplied).