Growing ivy problem

SIR, — What is it with ivy? It seems to be proliferating everywhere, completely covering banks and fences, reaching the higher regions of trees and telephone poles, swamping hedges, and stretching to the roofs of empty buildings in Downpatrick.

This can only be the result of moving from manual maintenance to machine maintenance of the areas affected.

Ivy is a horrid and visible component of the environment, and along with endless roadside rubbish, conveys a very downtrodden and unkempt image of Downpatrick.

It is not desirable in a town that desperately needs to attract new private business and work. It is highly off-putting.

Moreover, left alone the stuff will continue to grow and choke and kill trees and hedgerows. Indeed, it is evident in these winter months that great swathes of hedges have already been taken over completely and killed by the stuff.

Just how did the Counci let this happen? But the problem will continue unless maintenance teams with proper implements get up close and personal to the stuff and eradicate it.

Yours etc,