Giving idiots a bad name

SIR, — We have all heard the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Well I think the motto of the Downpatrick Roads Service must be “If it’s fixed, then break it again”.

The ‘quarter mile in 10 weeks’ tarmacing saga notwithstanding, someone in the high eschalons of the DRS has decreed that the one-way system in Edward Street and St. Dillon’s Avenue, which was working perfectly, caused no congestion, was much safer and generally was an improvement, should be scrapped.

I could not believe my eyes on Monday morning when I saw Edward Street backed up in both directions, traffic trying to get down St. Dillon’s Avenue, traffic trying to get up St. Dillon’s Avenue and traffic built up almost to Connolly’s shop. 

Some idiot, and I use 

the word advisedly so as 

not to give real idiots a 

bad name, had decided 

that this is how it should be. That person should be sacked.

Was anyone from the Roads Service actually there this morning to witness this? I doubt it very much. Unfortunately this is the way of the world these days.

PS The new tarmac is lovely. It’s just a pity that nobody thought to grit it on Sunday night. I rest my case.

Yours etc.,