Fruitless journey to spend a penny

SIR, — Last Tuesday, following an early visit to the dentist in Downpatrick, I travelled on to the market town of Ballynahinch where I had some business to attend to.

When I had this completed, before leaving the Windmill Street car park (40p per hour) I went across to use the toilet. To my surprise there was a notice stating ‘closed’ and a list of council toilets that were open, I didn’t take time to read these, as this is of little use.

I then had to travel to Crossgar and hoped that I would find the toilets in Killyleagh Street open, but yes, you’ve guessed it, they were also closed. Again, there was a list of toilets that are available.

What is the use of that? Do the powers that be expect you to drive miles to use the loo? Anyone who follows football will be aware that Eric Dier of Spurs had to run off the pitch recently during an important cup match against Chelsea. He came back and, in fact, scored the first penalty in an important penalty shoot-out. He was fortunate the toilet was available.

What about people who are on blood pressure tablets, etc, and really need a toilet. I know Covid-19 is a huge problem, but these local toilets are for one person at a time and to me are a facility that really need to be kept open during the day at least.

If toilets are open in Downpatrick and, I believe, Newcastle, why are others closed? You can’t plan where you need to go.

Yours etc,