Empty play pool

SIR, — I read with interest your recent comment on how challenging the dry conditions have been on our local farmers without rainfall for weeks.

While I appreciate that farmers need water to grow silage and vegetables and to look after livestock, I would like to give another local viewpoint to the need to conserve treated water and the hose pipe ban.

Like many other mums, I struggle to keep my children interested and active over the long summer holidays so I purchased a new large inflatable splash pool when I realised that the good weather was going to last beyond a day.

I thought it would be great to keep my three children amused during the good weather. It’s still in the box and will have to stay there until the hose pipe ban is over. 

I know we all have to play our part in managing water resources but it does seem unfair to me that businesses are exempt from the ban.

It may sound a small problem but I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to the start of the school year or the ending of the hose pipe ban.

Yours etc,



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