Downpatrick is a dirty disgrace

SIR, — I cannot say how disappointed and disgusted I was to return to my home town of Downpatrick and see its streets dirty and unkempt.

I’m visiting with relatives after 10 years of living in Australia and couldn’t wait to go shopping in Market Street.

But the state of the streets which were left marked with some kind of spillage and general rubbish lying around was just terrible. It’s hardly befitting of a town that boasts of having the final resting place of Saint Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint.

While local people may have got used to this level of dirt on their streets, I can tell you as a visitor and a tourist, it looks awful and is very off-putting.

I hope that which ever department is responsible cleans up its act to ensure that Downpatrick always looks its best.

Yours etc,



(Name and address supplied).