Delight at return of PP to Castlewellan parish

SIR, — I was delighted Bishop Noel Treanor came to Castlewellan on New Year’s Day to tell us that our priest, Fr. Sean Cahill, had been totally vindicated following allegations made against him dating back to the 1970s.

Fr. Cahill has been returned to the ministry and I hope that the Diocese of Down and Connor will ensure that he returns as our priest in Castlewellan.

It’s my understanding that a decision will be made about where he ministers within the next few weeks and I hope it’s where Fr. Cahill belongs — back among his faithful parishioners in Castlewellan.

It came as no surprise to me that following a rigorous investigation into allegations made against Fr. Cahill that he has been totally vindicated.

As Bishop Treanor said last week, Fr. Cahill has served the people of the parish of Castlewellan and Kilmegan with “dedication and commitment” and has been returned to the ministry with an “unblemished character.”

I always knew Fr. Cahill had done nothing wrong and like many of the parishioners in Castlewellan want to welcome him back with open arms.

Our priest was the subject of “unfounded allegations” but I am so pleased he has been returned to the ministry. I hope the powers-that-be ensure he returns to us in Castlewellan.

Yours etc.,


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