Congratulations to Spa Wells Orange lodge for great event

SIR, — I wish to commend the officers and members of Spa Wells LOL No 620 who hosted a showing of ‘Strong to Survive’ at their hall last Friday evening.

The event was part of the Orange Order’s annual victims’ day, with various speakers giving their very personal account of the troubles.

One of the speakers was Samuel Heenan whose father was murdered by the Provisional IRA when he was a young boy. No matter how many times you hear Sammy’s testimony, it remains a horrific and terrifying account of what he experienced as a young boy. 

A plaque was also unveiled in memory of UDR Corporal and Spa Wells lodge member David Brown. He and his dog were killed by a terrorist explosive device during a search operation in Kilkeel on May 28, 1986.

I  believe that the recent event was a dignified defiance of terrorism, countering the rewrite agenda with the tears and truth of the innocent.

I hope this is the first of many events within our district and, as a victims’ advocate working within the victims and survivors network, I pledge to use whatever influence I have to support any organisation wishing to hold a similar event.

Yours etc,


Slieve Croob.