CCTV is needed to combat trouble

SIR, — I for one am pleased that Down Council is backing plans for CCTV provision in Killyleagh.

Now I’m sure there are those who will claim the provision of security cameras represents a loss of privacy and an infringement of human rights, but CCTV has proven to be a useful tool in crime prevention and detection.

Police have used security cameras to not only apprehend, but identify criminals. The fact CCTV can help in the fight against crime is a key issue and, in my opinion, outweighs any objections people have about such a system being introduced.

Let us not forget the arson attack on the public toilet block in Killyleagh just over a year ago and the cost to the ratepayer to replace it. CCTV can and will make a difference when it comes to combating crime.

Yours etc.,



Killyleagh UUP branch.