Bridge Centre would be ideal for Killyleagh library

SIR, - What a relief to know that Killyleagh Library is safe for at least another year, even though it is has to meet a number of conditions, including community support and moving to a new building.

In terms of community support there will be no problem on this score as the excellent campaign mounted by the enthusiastic committee to retain Killyleagh Library secured the support of everyone in the area.

My congratulation to the committee for its determined and well run campaign.

In terms of new premises to house the library I believe there is one option which should be considered and which would secure Down Council support - an extension to the Bridge Community Centre.

I understand the cost of such a proposal needs to be considered, but I for one would be happy

to have a small increase on

my rates if I thought the money was going to such a worthwhile project which would help retain the library's presence in Killyleagh.

So how about it Down councillors?

It's nice to see towns getting a makeover and I'm all for that, but we also need our local libraries. If anyone agrees with me perhaps they will lobby their councillor and get them to debate this suggestion and give it their support.

Yours etc.,



Killyleagh UUP branch.