Ban fireworks at Halloween due to anti-social behaviour

SIR, — I am of an age to be referred to as a curmudgeon, and no doubt I may offend some readers, but isn’t it time to ban fireworks at Halloween?

With all the warnings to keep pets indoors to protect them from being traumatised by fireworks, and much worse if they fall into the hands of those who would wish them harm, the run-up to Halloween can be a nightmare for many people.

I was annoyed but not surprised to read your story from last week’s paper which said that many elderly people all over the district were “living in fear over fireworks”.

The week before it was a story about a pregnant mother and her two young children in Downpatrick being terrorised by youths larking about with fireworks, often deliberately targeting the homes of older people.

Between Halloween and the onset of frost/snow and dark mornings and evenings, winter is not a great time for us elderly.

The Halloweens of my youth seem very different to those of today and it seems to be that the emphasis of some, but not all, youngsters is to use the holiday as a chance to make as much mischief as possible.

I preferred things when fireworks were banned during the Troubles and believe that with all the call-outs that the emergency services have to respond to at this time of year, consideration should be given again for them to be banned. 

Your etc,